MISPACK ERP Software : Module

Time Table
Preparing timetables is undoubtedly one of the huge time-consuming tasks. You can prepare timetable through MISPACK within few minutes.

MISPACK automates the various scheduling actions of a school or college and maximizes the use of best resources. The time consuming and repetitive task of creating a Timetable is completed easily and effortlessly by using this module. It will support school management to standardize their education administrative functions.

MISPACK contains options which are attentively planned to help you to organize your students’ elective subject choices. The software help to avoid the burden of timetable making and leaving you with more time to apply your ability and judgment where they are required in order to construct a qualitative timetable. More than scheduling your timetable for you, MISPACK has been also designed to make sure that you can reproduce your regular timetabling method but with the more sophisticated and intelligent manner.

You can prepare timetable in just 10 steps. In this module the most powerful tool is Reserve & Avoid period facility is provided.