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Welcome to MISPACK

Computer involved from the need for increased productivity. As time passed, the personal computer emerged, giving us a tool to help increase the productivity of both individuals and enterprises. MISPACK ERP is one of the high quality products from SADHANA COMPUTERS. This timesaving multitasking, cost controlling, users friendly window based multi-user software has been created to aid you in increasing the productivity of your school or college without adding complexity to the existing operations. SadhComp-IT Service is the sister concern of SADHANA COMPUTER who provide service for MISPACK product.

Our Mission

The Power Of Single Source Document Entry has been the underlying mission behind MISPACK services. It is truly integrated solution package. All the stake holder ( Management, Teachers, Student, Parents, Office Staff, Corporate and Alumni ) in school or college gets a tool to keep them self abreast with the happenings in the school or college – MISPACK had endeavored to provide such intelligent services that not only help us understand analyze, monitor and control performances but also bridges the gap that sometime build up due to lack of it.

MISPACK offers cost-effective e-Learning Package, which constantly yields superior results. e-Learning package, also known as distance learning package is very useful to the mix of classroom activities. Due to this Counter-intuitively, opportunities for communication and collaboration increased between students, students and teacher and between teacher themselves.

The moment you enter a record of student, System update all the relevant report. Absolutely no wastage or precious time to take the present and count the absentees or enter the marks and prepare the manually mark sheet or leaving certificate, transfer certificate etc. Each and every requirement is covered in this system. Its power has been made so simple that your staff can actually run these system nit specialists. So need to go head hunting. Every system needs some percentage of customization which we can do it. Because we are not a dealer but developer of this product. And the heart of this system is WYSWYG i.e. What You See is What You Get.