MISPACK ERP Software : How Online System Work?

Any School or College can insert our URL in their website or ask Student to login our MSIPACK website. After login in your site Student will click to this URL. As soon as click to this URL, our website will open and Student will get list of School & College. Student has to select School or College and fill the online admission form. Student has to take print out of this Online Admission Form. Each student will get unique online transaction ID.
Now after this procedure, you have to download the online admission data from our site into your local server i.e. in MISPACK\DATA folder in a random base.
After this, Student will submit the print out along with necessary documents attached with this Online Admission form. These documents will be physically verified by the authorised person or management team. After verification of form and fees student will get admission receipt from School or College. Once the admission confirm, all information collected through online admission will transfer to Student profile from pre-admission module.