MISPACK ERP Software : Advantage

1. Use of Web camera for Student photo while online admission or later on.
2. Barcode scanner to speed up for circulation books.
3. Student or Staff finger scan facility is provided to link up with bio-matrix machine.
4. Import data from bio-matrix for salary or attendance purpose.
5. Design the Student Identity Card ( IC ), Hall Ticket ( HT ), Leaving Certificate ( LC ), Bonafide Certificate ( BC ), Transfer Certificate ( TC ), Payslip ( PS ), Fee’s Incom Tax Certificate ( IT ) and Cheque’s print ( CP ) exactly the way you want. With the School, College or Institute Logo. Export this form as well. Save in PDF. Email directly.
6. Design your own reports. Save them. No external Report Writer needed. All in-built and integrated.
7. Create custom fields. Use these fields in reports. Filter on these fields. No programming required. Amazing customisation tools
8. Copy and paste transactions. Adding is so yesterday. Save up to 80% data entry time. Accurate and fast.
9. Use the entire system through keyboard. It is totally mouseless.
10. Work in any academic year without logout and login.
11. Report can be view, print, e-mail or export to common files.
12. (OPAC) Online Public Access Catalogue System.
13. Auto Bank Reconciliation system.
14. Online instruction while using MISPACK. Don’t need manual.
15. Modules, Reports or Forms get enable / disable according to User rights.
16. Generate your own query or report with logical condition.
17. Unlimited User Rights, Highlevel protectable database and Unbelevable Audit Trial.
18. Run your School or College by exception now, not by transaction. Setup online alerts.