MISPACK ERP Software : Module

This versatile application helps track sales of prospectus and admission forms. It is design to meet you staff entire requirement in school or college. Unique 9 – digit Admission No ( 2 Class code + 4 joining year + 3 serial no division wise). You can fill the enquiry form and pull in pre-admission and in admission or directly fill the admission form. Automatic house allocating facility is provided on bases of gender and division. Compulsory subject of selected class get allocate to student while doing admission entry. Very most important field are protected like SMS Contact, Category, Birthdates etc. while updating the student information. This protect field can be enable by user Manager only. If you ask about secure data then, only those user who have enter the admission form or Manager can update or delete the entry. Once the admission is confirm by verifying the document and paid fees, further all his/her records are made available in other modules of this software like library, transport, scholarship etc. Once the school or college start, division or roll no get shuffle which you can update easily. It means 50 record you can update within 5 minutes.

NOTE: MISPACK having dual on-line and off-line admission facility. Please refer how online admission system work?